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Clubline "Tarča" fokuser
Light weight target for kids. Easy and comfortable to hold. Soft target area. Made of artificial lea..
Professional Jump Rope
Rope from 90 degrees vertical swivel cord and rope knot wire guarantees, tangled or twist a rapidly ..
Punch bag leather sand
Real leather, unfilled, chain suspension included. Tapers towards base, making it very suitable for ..
Punch bag vinyl unfilled
Made of black vinyl. For optimal performance of unfilled bags, do not exceed for filling weight. Col..
Punch bag vinyl with filling
Made of black vinyl. The latest series offers an adapted, wrist-friendly foam insert. Punch bags are..
Punch ball support (ball bearing)
Separate mount for ceiling or for retrofitting to punch ball brackets. With chain link...
Punch ball support (hook)
Separate mount for ceiling or for retrofitting to punch ball brackets. With hook...
Punchbag blue with filling
Made of highly durable Plane Outermaterial with shredded textile inside. Very good price. Made in th..
Punchbag Punch Points filled
Durable synthetic leather outer, filled with soft cotton. Perfect for series punching training. For ..
Punching bag joint
The KWON Punching Bag Joint (approx. 8 cm long, made of solid Iron) allows the Punching Bag chain to..
Punching ball
Inflatable. For fast punch/kick combinations. Secured on a rope and a rubber cord. In synthetic mate..
Quick Band
An ideal supplementary training programme for fitness and all martial arts. Elastic bands have been ..
Quick Band Strong Professional
Professional version of our KWON Quickbands. Extremely durable and sturdy for even more efficient tr..
Realistic Face Mitt
Premium quality strike shield made from rugged, extra light EVA foam. With incorporated facial outli..
Realistic Head Mitt
Three-dimensional, anatomically Mitts in the form of a head for a realistic martial arts training. T..
Rigid fixture for punch bags
Made of heavy-duty square-section pipe. Secured to wall with dowel hooks. With rigid mounting. Also ..
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