Shin/instep guard Muay Thai
Shin and instep guard. Shaped foam, with cotton covering. Held together by three Velcro fasteners. C..
Shin/Instep guard Muay Thai PLUS
Based on the Article 40673/40675, but with a 2 cm additional hard foam plate under the outer polyest..
Shin/instep guard select
Combined shin and instep guard with removable instep guard. Instep guard can be removed quickly, tha..
Shinai bag black, with print cca 145
Cotton with printed motive and shoulder belt fits 1 – 2 Shinais. Colour: Black. Length: approx, 58"..
Shinai Competition
Excellent for training and competition. Handle and tip covered with leather. Plastic tsuba with rubb..
Shinai Training
For beginners. Handle and tip covered with leather. Plastic tsuba with rubber tsuba holder. Length: ..
Shirt longsleeve white
Premium Quality long arm shirt with KWON embroidery on the collar. For judges and coaches. 100% cott..
Shirt white
Made of 100% cotton, individual embroidery possible. Colour: White. Sizes: 37/38, 39/40, 41/42, 43/4..
Shocklite headguard
Consists of extremely light weight EVA foam material. The guard weights just 250 gram, half of the w..
short Bokken white oak
wooden, training sword White oak. Length: approx. 80 cm..
Short Qi
Qi Training shorts, lightweight microfiber fabric to wick sweat away and help keep you dry and comfo..
Shorts Lady
Free movement with 7 cm side opening slits. Superior design comfort Boxer-style waist with additiona..
Singlet/Muscle-Shirt black
Classic sleeveless top made of 95% cotton/5% elastic which can be worn as leisure wear, when running..
Škatla za mojstrski pas
Premier quality gift or presentation box for belts. Best carton material..
Skipping rope Bronx
PVC-coated steel rope for rapid rotation. Twin eyes on plastic handles enable rope length to be chan..
Skipping rope SP
Fast yet lightweight jump rope with plastic handles and vinyl cord...
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