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Proizvajalec: Danrho
Šifra: 331001032
Razpoložljivost: Prednraočilo
Brez DDV: 129.90€

Consisting of foam composite panels. Top and sides laminated with heavy-duty vinyl fabric in rice-straw pattern. Base laminated with non-slip fabric and sealed. FH mat also includes flame-retardant material. TÜV-tested (German industrial inspectorate). Particularly suitable for use in public buildings such as sports halls, local authority facilities, police premises and performance centres. Wipe-down, easy-care. Relative densities: RG235 / RG260. Panelsizes: 1x1m / 1x2m. Thicknesses: 4 cm / 5 cm. Colours: Red, Green, Blue. 3-year warranty against tearing.

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